Studio Chaos


I’ve just come back from an Easter week down in Wiltshire and Surrey with my family. Before I left I spent the day on back grounds for lino prints, knowing that they would have a full week to dry, and that I could leave my studio in this much chaos! Every surface was covered and the house smelt of white spirit and linseed oil which I liked, but Daniel and Hattie didn’t. (more…)

Play Dough ice cream …


Busy again this week. Not only completing 2 more pictures, but, having been shopping with Hattie and bought a play dough ice cream factory, having some splendid pretend picnics too. Two and a half hours on Wednesday morning. I wasn’t even allowed to get dressed first! (more…)

New ones!


I’ve been a hot bed of production this past fortnight and I’ve finished 7 pieces for the exhibition at Harrison Lord in May. This is one of my favourites, from when the snow fell and stayed for a week or more and it was cold and wonderfully sunny back in January. (more…)

Seaside off season


We all went to stay in Robin Hoods Bay at half term. It was so cold – I slept in a hat on the first night! It was all frost and bright sun though, and very inspiring. I’m working on a commission of Whitby, but want to paint two pieces from Robin Hoods Bay too. Hattie and Daniel and I ate fish and chips wrapped up in a blanket on the beach. It was wonderful. Daniel took these nice photos. My photos tend to be functional! (more…)

Hebden Bridge Town Hall


Hattie and I ventured down to town this morning to have a look at the new plans for the town hall. I wanted to go and have a look inside because I’ve just finished this piece, which shows the building very clearly. Walking down the Keighley Rd there is an amazing view down the river and you can see three bridges stacked up on top of one another. (more…)