Autumn colours and lanterns


I’m so enjoying the colours of the trees the last few weeks. They’re incredible! Though I know a gusty weekend will strip the trees bare and leave the landscape monochrome til spring. I’ve been taking the new paintings out to capture the colours. I was sat by the river yesterday with some hot chocolate, some pencils, and no children!

Also, with the help of my lovely friend Hannah Nunn at Radiance, I’ve been working on a new idea. The one on the left is a prototype, the one the right is a Birthday card. The finished ones will be full colour, like my paintings, but lanterns, cut so the light twinkles out of the windows and doors.

Also, after patiently waiting for about a year now The Harrison Lord Gallery will be restocking my prints, just as soon as I can muster them a collection. Tomorrow is saved entirely for stitching prints for Steven Lord!

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