I know this has taken me a long time because on the first of the sketching trips to Whitby Hattie was potty training (August Bank holiday weekend with the portable potty. It was very stressful) and she started Reception last week! Anyway – here it is…

This is a commission for a lovely person who just loves Whitby.

6 thoughts on “Whitby

  1. Hi Kate,

    this a beautiful rendition of Whitby. I love all the colours. I understand from the write up it was a commission for a friend? Would it be possible to purchase a print from you?

  2. Lovely work Kate, childbirth has not reduced the quality of your work! Looking forward to next year’s exhibition – but we’ve no money to buy any more paintings.


  3. This is beautiful. I have a fondness for Whitby-indeed I took many school parties there over the long number of years before I retired.The times I have counted and climbed those steps.I purchased one of your works and had it framed next door.Is it possible to purchase one of these prints from you or elsewhere? Many thanks. Margaret

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