Introducing Toffee Town….


UPDATE: The exhibition will now launch on Saturday 26th September.

Happy to announce a new solo exhibition at The Yorkshire Gallery in The Piece Hall, Halifax.



Saturday May 23rd – August 16th.

I’m an Offcumden you know. I don’t count myself as a Southerner as Suffolk, where I was born and lived til I was 19, is really out on a limb and isn’t connected to anywhere. But Northerners would probably count me a Southerner… I came North to York for University in 1995 and our tutor (Bruce Windle. Lovely man) took us to Bankfield Museum in Halifax. It was the first time I’d ever been to Halifax and I remember being blown away by the incredible Victorian Industrial architecture. There’s nothing like it in Suffolk; nothing like it in the Yorkshire I was experiencing in York come to that. We must have driven over the fly-over with the North Bridge and Dean Clough beneath us, and then dropped down to Bankfield and Akroydon.

Even since The Lost Houses exhibition at Bankfield I have even more of a fascination with these grand buildings, left over from a far more prosperous era. ‘Toffee Town’ was the nickname for Halifax because of the Macintosh factory and this exhibition is to be a celebration of Halifax’s beautiful buildings. I’ve just this morning completed this one of Akroydon – the model village built by Edward Akroyd. I think it’s every bit as lovely as Saltaire, but it’s not so well known.

I have several more paintings started now and I’ll post updates as they progress. I just wanted to announce the date! Which means I really really must crack on (a new one of Shibden Hall is under way on my desk…)

8 thoughts on “Introducing Toffee Town….

  1. Will there be prints available of the Akroydon image? We live there and think it a lovely piece of work. We have a daughter in Kentucky who has just seen it and hopes you will work on one of the Piece Hall.

  2. Thank you Alan.
    There will be prints available when the ‘Toffee Town’ exhibition opens in The Yorkshire Gallery at The Piece Hall. This wil probably be in the Autumn now. I will announce as soon as i know.

  3. Have you ever done any work that includes Wainhouse Tower? As someone who was brought up in Halifax but has lived in the Midlands fo 30 years, it and the Piece Hall are the images which spring to mind when thinking about my home town. My son gave me some of your cards as a birthday present and I love them

  4. Hi June
    It’s not out there yet, but there will be two in the Toffee Town exhibition. One where it is behind Crossley Heath School, and a tall thin painting of the tower with a steep slope and lots of trees. I’ll post them when they’re done and message you.

  5. Good afternoon, please can you let me know when you will have prints of Crossley Heath School my Husband went there. Also of the Red bridge. Many thanks . Sylvia Bairstow.

  6. Looking forward to your exhibition.When does it start and end please.
    My friend who I went to Crossleys with and now lives in cornwall thinks your paintings are brilliant.

  7. Hi Gillian
    It starts on Saturday (all being well) when the Piece Hall opens – 11am I think. It’s going to be there until November 29th.

  8. Hi Sylvia
    The Yorkshire Gallery and Heart Gallery will both have prints from Saturday (September 26th). The prints will be available in my web shop from October 27th.

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