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I was thrilled last year when Shibden Hall commissioned a painting for their entrance hall. It’s rare for me to go there without the children, and therefore the pull of the boating lake or the playground. I went in August while they were staying with Granny down in Wiltshire.

I played around with two compositions. There’s a lovely view from the orchard above – a birds eye view. Or the view from the lake below, looking up at the house…

The Hall requested the second one. The hall is like a treasure trove of beautiful details! There is a window in the main hall with stained glass fragments salvaged from another local house. I love the creatures; I’d love to know more about the symbolism. They remind me of the pagan creatures often found on Misericords in churches; they were an obsession of mine when I was a student.

Pattern is everywhere in the hall…

The tiles at the bottom of the picture gave me a place for my treasure.

So here it is, work in progress…

Special requests to be included were: The Lister Lion. The Lister coat of arms. The stained glass creatures. And lastly, the dove and the crow to represent Ann Walker and Anne Lister.

I have yet to proof it for colour for prints, but when i do these should be available as hand finished prints at the hall. Then it’s framing and hanging! I’ll post a photo once it’s up.

7 thoughts on “Shibden Hall

  1. Dear Kate, I am so delighted you have done the paintings of Shibden Hall, especially including all those gorgeous details. We were over from Oz in July last year visiting Mum and Dad and visited the hall. I was especially intrigued by the windows and carvings. I am very grateful you have painted them so beautifully. We also got hooked on Gentleman Jack and eagerly await its Australian release.

    Your work continues to delight and inspire. Thank-you for your creative talent, you are indeed a gift to the world . Selfishly I am so pleased you choose my homelands as your inspiration (Yorkshire and Lancashire).
    Long may you paint and may your eyes be bright and strong (too)
    Love and Blessings Dakini
    (in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia)

  2. Good morning Kate, I will be in Halifax from May 20 to possibly May 31, do you think the
    prints of Shibden Hall will be available at that time? Love your work, and glad you included
    the images of the stained glass in your painting, it is beautiful.

  3. Please can you let me know when the prints of Shibden Hall will be ready and price. Many thanks. Sylvia Bairstow

  4. Hi Lynne
    The painting will be hanging once the Hall re-opens for spring later this month (March). They have prints for sale too. It will be closed again for filming sometime this year, but i don’t know when.
    Best wishes, Kate

  5. Hi Sylvia
    Prints can be ordered from me if you like – just contact mw through the website. Alternatively Shibden Hall will be selling prints when they re-opn on March 14th. The painting will be hanging when they re-open.
    Best wishes

  6. This piece is incredibly beautiful. All your work is fabulous. Absolutely love the color and your use of pattern.

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