It’s starting to feel a lot like….CHRISTMAS!


It can’t have escaped your notice (and if it has – well done) that it’s the countdown to Christmas. Thank you to everyone who’s bought from my online shop, or through one of the galleries that sell my work. Hebden Bridge has been wonderfully buzzy this weekend, and last, with Open Studios and street markets. I’ve managed to avoid Amazon almost entirely (almost! But I needed printer ink and shoe dye, which I couldn’t find anywhere else) instead using my Amazon shopping cart app to list all the books I wanted, and then buy them from the Salts Mill book shop and my local  The Bookcase.

I wish I could show you the presents I purchased in Hawksbys and at Craft in the Pen, but I’d spoil surprises if I did. I did manage to find a small, vintage bowler hat for my 9 year old son in Oh La La! in Haworth. He’s going through a dressing up phase and is rarely seen at breakfast without a tweed waistcoat and silk tie. I’m nurturing his eccentricity. He shows no interest in screens and I want it to last.

I have many potential presents available on my website at the moment. However, these are the last few days for print orders, so don’t leave it too late!

The last day for print orders is going to be Wednesday 11th December, unless it’s something I have finished and ready in the studio. I’m happy to try and help locate what you want elsewhere as I know what the galleries hold in stock.

Small prints (plenty of big ones too):



2020 Calendars:

Folding Books:

And of course, Lanterns!

We will be posting from the studio right up until Friday December 20th. The Post Office have given this as the last day for Christmas delivery.

I’m very excited, and more than a little nervous, as next week I’m going to have eye surgery! I’ve worn glasses since I was about 18 months old; my eye sight is almost comically bad. But for the first time (all being well) I will be able to see when I open my eyes in the morning.

Glasses were so bad when I was small. I always wanted the pink or the blue ones (my lenses were so thick that the options were only this style in black, brown, pink or blue), but my Mum insisted on brown or black “to match your nice dark hair”.

It will take a few days before I can see well enough to stitch, which is why I won’t be able to fulfill print orders after Thursday.


2 thoughts on “It’s starting to feel a lot like….CHRISTMAS!

  1. I must say you have produced such beautiful work no one would realise that your eyesight wasn’t 100%. Just think of what you will be creating after the op’ ?
    Best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the New Year ????

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