Catching the Light – Exhibition opens on Saturday May 18th!


Everything is being delivered to Chantry House Gallery in Ripley tomorrow, ready for the exhibition opening at 10am on Saturday.

This is the last thing I finished: It was on my ‘would love to’ list, rather than my ‘must do’ list, so I saved it til last. I love doing these old printer’s trays. This one came from the US – it’s an American tray lay out. The spaces were large enough to think about a whole, small picture and the theme was trees. I do love to paint trees…

I start off with large sheets of stretched watercolour paper which I treat with lots of inks and paints. Lots of happy accidents. Then I cut choice pieces to fit the spaces. Most of the time something will emerge from the painted papers and I’ll work on what’s been suggested by a happy accident. In this way, they are much freer than other paintings. I don’t have a clear idea how anything will look when I’ve finished.

I would like one wall for all my sea pictures! I’ve tried to catch that first, deep breath you take standing on a Northumbrian Beach. I want the wall to be a big breath of fresh air.

I tried to get the breath of sea air in this new, big piece of Whitby too…

and, one more… This is Flamborough Head Cove:

Please come along and say hello on Saturday if you can!

Chantry House Gallery will be open from 10am – 5pm. And I think there will be tea and cake…

The full list of paintings and prints is now on their website.


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