All is calm


Surprisingly calm actually. The last paintings are done and now with the framer. I’m delivering the work to the gallery tomorrow, and the exhibition opens on Saturday morning at 10am. I’m stitching prints today. The children are all in school, and my lovely Mum is in the kitchen making soup. I’m sure things aren’t usually this calm with only four days to go.

This is the Kilburn White Horse. I finished it at the weekend:

The Kilburn White Horse

I love White horses. My Granny lived near the Westbury White Horse in Wiltshire and I remember clambering across – even sliding down it – when I was small.

I’ve also completed these three smaller ones of the North Yorkshire coast.

Catch Your Breath





We had a lovely family holiday there in October. Bright, cold days collecting treasure on the beaches. My little boy calls it ‘Treasuring’, which I think is a lovely word!

I dropped into Abacus Framing yesterday to see what was ready. They’re done a beautiful job and I am so excited about Saturday!

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  1. Discovered your work on a trip to Haworth. Your paintings are really beautiful and so atmospheric!

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