I am happy for people to contact me directly regarding commissions, but there is currently a waiting list of approximately two years and I am reluctant to add to it at this time.

FAQ about commissions:

How do we start?
Please contact me with a brief outline of what you would like. We will arrange an initial meeting where we will discuss your requirements further and I will start to gather visual material in the form of photographs and sketches. I’ll then go away and work on some compositional sketches. On our second meeting we’ll finalise the composition and at this point we will draw up a contract. Depending upon the time scale we’ve agreed I will begin the painting. Once the painting is well underway customers are welcome to come and visit the work in progress. If distance is an issue then I am happy to email scans and photographs. Once the painting is complete customers are invited to come and view. We can discuss and arrange framing at this point.

It is impossible to say exactly as it depends very much on the size and complexity of the commission brief. Upon agreement of the composition sketches, a deposit of 20% of the final agreed price is required before proceeding further with the work.

I have a standard contract which I will draw up once the composition has been finalised.

It is standard practice for any artist to retain the copyright on work. I will therefore retain the right to reproduce the piece as a print or a card.