The launch of ‘Woodland Paths & Grand Days Out’


Thank you so much to everyone who came along on Saturday September 25th to Bankfield Museum. It was such a lovely day.

I am incredibly grateful to the to the staff at the Museum, and they must be grateful that I wasn’t the one wielding the drill to equally space and hang 42 framed pieces, no two the same size!

It took a couple of days to hang in the end, but it’s a stunning setting, and I still can’t believe I filled that huge space.

Thank you very much to Richard McFarlane, the Mayor of Calderdale Chris Pillai and Deputy Lieutenant Chris Harris for opening the exhibition.
photo by Hattie
photo by Hattie
photo by Hattie

The Museum is stocking The Nightingale Project book and hand-finished prints of many of the new pieces. I shall do my best to keep them well stocked for the next few months!

photo by Hattie
photo by Hattie

My daughter Hattie took these photos. I’m seriously impressed….

The exhibition shows 8 large landscapes. Three small Cliffs paintings. And 41 Nightingale Project pieces:

And it is up until March 2022! So please go and see it.

Thank you Nancyann for these photos!

Bankfield Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am until 4pm. There is a cafe, a really excellent costume exhibition (I’ve been told that Bankfield have a costume archive second only to the V&A. It really is a treasure of a place). It’s also near a nice park, in case deals need to be made with small visitors.

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