Woodland Paths & Grand Days Out


My exhibition at Bankfield Museum opens in a few weeks time. I’ve been working on new landscapes this summer, inspired by long anticipated day trips out of the valley! We went to Malham Cove…

Malham Cove – 87 x 106cm (framed)

To the bookshop at Saltaire, and then the park with a picnic.

Saltaire – 106 x 87 (framed)

For Afternoon Tea at Betty’s in Ilkley on my birthday. But we had to earn it first with a walk on Ilkley Moor.

Baht’at – 85 x 85cm (framed)

I live near some very beautiful places. There have been many a trip to Hardcastle Crags over the last year…

The Millpond – 85 x 85cm (Framed)

There are more, but you’ll have to come to Bankfield and see them. I will be posting full details (including sizes and prices) of all the works going on sale the week before the exhibition opens. This will include all of the landscapes, and most of the Nightingale Project paintings.

I bought out a book in July; a kind of lock-down project about collecting trees and making the best of a stange time for my children. The Nightingale Project pictures will all be displayed together on one huge wall. I’m very excited about this. In the midst of the project I would lay them all out on the floor with me standing in the middle, and then make a little movie on my phone to send to my Mum and my sisters.

After a while there were too many for my floor. I intended to make 30 and I eventually stopped at 43, so I’ve never seen them all together. Some of them are very small. A lot of the art works had to be portable.

The book will be available, along with prints of much of the new work.

The exhibition will open at 10am with refreshments and speeches taking place at 2pm.

All works are for sale. Works will be available to purchase in person from 10am and by phone (01422 352334) at 12 noon.

Everyone welcome for the launch, please RSVP with the amount of people attending by Monday 20 September to museums@calderdale.gov.uk

5 thoughts on “Woodland Paths & Grand Days Out

  1. The Nightingale book is amazing, I can’t put mine down. The pictures and writing are outstanding!! Absolutely fabulous book!! Thank you Kate..

  2. Echoing Jenni, what a delight is having your book in my hands. It really transports me to your walks with your family.
    You transmuted the perplexity of lockdown into Wonder – and I am so very grateful to the artists, like you, that share this alchemical power with humanity.
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you! The painting was delivered back yesterday, all framed. And I’m collecting the prints this afternoon. Prices are still be worked out, but I’ll be publishing all the images and prices on the website within the next few days.

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