Hell, Hull and Halifax

I realise that I’ve not posted anything here since just before Open Studios back in July. Everything seems to get a bit chaotic over the summer and my family had some good adventures over the holidays. For the first time, I was a little sad to get back into the studio routine. The twins are eight now, and my eldest is 12. They’re good company! I hope it lasts.

Anyway, while they were away for a few days with my lovely Mum in the summer, I took my camera off to Halifax to start planning a new exhibition for next year. Last week I sat and started properly drawing things out, and now I can’t wait to start painting. Halifax has some spectacular architecture. Very grand Victorian stuff built at the height of the industrial revoultion. But much older buildings too, like The Piece Hall and Shibden Hall.

I met someone last year that told me Halifax was known at one time as ‘Toffee Town’ because of the Mackintosh factory and I thought that this would be the perfect title for an exhibition to be held next year at The Yorkshire Gallery in The Piece Hall. Actually, I’d intially thought ‘Hell, Hull and Halifax…’, but Paul from the gallery thought this wouldn’t have the right appeal! I only meant it in that people are often so surprised, especially when they go to The Piece Hall, at how beautiful the town is.

Crossley Heath School – my daughter aspired to go there because it looked like Hogwarts, Halifax Town Hall – it’s just beautiful, and Shibden Hall – it’s always been beautiful but suddenly the wider world knows about Anne Lister and visitors are coming from all over the world to see it!

Akroydon – Halifax’s model village (so lovely, so many allotments!), The Piece Hall and the Borough Market building (from above so I can get Streets in the Sky in there for those that know…), and Dean Clough and North Bridge.

I love drawing buildings and planning these out has been great fun. I think I need about two more ideas, if anyone has any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “Hell, Hull and Halifax

  1. Wainhouse Tower … that would be my suggestion …
    Very much looking forward to seeing the paintings come to life.

  2. I suppose you could have called it, Halifax, Hull & Huddersfield. Or if you were keeping it more local, Halifax, Heckmondwike & Huddersfield ??.
    REALLY loving the preliminary sketches, it’s lovely to see how the initial drawings develop into the finished article.
    I can’t wait to see the Piece Hall and Sibden Hall especially.
    Roy xx

  3. Hello Kate,
    your art is pure magic.

    Sorry for going OT, but I hope one day you will make a painting of Trewissick, the fictional Cornish village in the “Greenwitch” novel by Susan Cooper (Mevagissey in real life). Actually, it would be great if somebody commissioned you to illustrate the entire book!

    Sorry for my bad English, cheers from Finland

  4. Hello Kate, might we suggest another subject for your Halifax portfolio? Have a look at the Calder Valley through Dean Wood from Copley and the twist of the railway viaducts and the river Calder towards Copley Church.
    It’s quite a sight when you are up high. Food for thought.
    Love seeing the preliminary drawings and following your work. So talented.

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