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So, this is what we’re hanging tomorrow, ready for Thursday’s preview at Heart Gallery: I hope you like them…

All my pictures are done on watercolour paper in a combination of inks, acrylics, gouache, watercolours, gold thread, 23 carat gold leaf, coloured pencil and sometimes some pastel too, for good measure.  Really I like to use beautiful colours, in whatever pot, tube, bottle or stick they happen to come in!


Break in the Clouds
Framed Size:106 x 87cm  –  £ SOLD

The Piece Hall
Framed Size:106 x 87cm  –  £ SOLD

Late Summer
Framed Size:87 x 106cm  –  £ SOLD

Mr Fox
Framed Size:72 x 103.5 cm  –  £ SOLD

Friday Morning
Framed Size: 147.5 x 87.5cm  –  £ SOLD

Races at Fountains Abbey
Framed Size:760 x 50 cm  –  £ SOLD

Lumb Bank
Framed Size:73.5 x 100 cm  –  £3700

Visiting Erica
Framed Size:147.5 x 87.5 cm  –  £ SOLD

Nest Building
Framed Size:44.5 x 46.5 cm  –  £ SOLD

Tea at Gibson Mill
Framed Size:85 x 85 cm  –  £ SOLD

9 Tree Studies
(individually framed)
Framed Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm  –  £800 each

Little Stoodley
Framed Size:106 x 87 cm  –  £ SOLD

Princes Street Gardens
Framed Size: 76 x 47 cm  –  £ SOLD

Swooping & Diving
Framed Size:51 x 51 cm  –  £ SOLD

The preview is on Thursday April 26th, from 6 – 9pm.

Heart Gallery, The Arts Centre, 4a Market Street, Hebden Bridge  HX7 6AA

For queries, either contact the gallery
01422 845845  hello@heartgallery.co.uk
or me

The exhibition runs til July 1st

Everyone welcome!


One thought on “Inspired by the Fells…

  1. LOVE your work and sorry my visits to the UK and France did not include the sites which have inspired you. I hope for opportunities to remedy that. Best wishes to you and your family, et al. I have ‘shared’ this link, and hope others will investigate further. G EDWARDS, San Diego, Ca.

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