Inspired by the Fells…


So, this is what we’re hanging tomorrow, ready for Thursday’s preview at Heart Gallery: I hope you like them…

All my pictures are done on watercolour paper in a combination of inks, acrylics, gouache, watercolours, gold thread, 23 carat gold leaf, coloured pencil and sometimes some pastel too, for good measure.  Really I like to use beautiful colours, in whatever pot, tube, bottle or stick they happen to come in!


Break in the Clouds
Framed Size:106 x 87cm  –  £ SOLD

The Piece Hall
Framed Size:106 x 87cm  –  £ SOLD

Late Summer
Framed Size:87 x 106cm  –  £ SOLD

Mr Fox
Framed Size:72 x 103.5 cm  –  £ SOLD

Friday Morning
Framed Size: 147.5 x 87.5cm  –  £ SOLD

Races at Fountains Abbey
Framed Size:760 x 50 cm  –  £ SOLD

Lumb Bank
Framed Size:73.5 x 100 cm  –  £3700

Visiting Erica
Framed Size:147.5 x 87.5 cm  –  £ SOLD

Nest Building
Framed Size:44.5 x 46.5 cm  –  £ SOLD

Tea at Gibson Mill
Framed Size:85 x 85 cm  –  £ SOLD

9 Tree Studies
(individually framed)
Framed Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm  –  £800 each

Little Stoodley
Framed Size:106 x 87 cm  –  £ SOLD

Princes Street Gardens
Framed Size: 76 x 47 cm  –  £ SOLD

Swooping & Diving
Framed Size:51 x 51 cm  –  £ SOLD

The preview is on Thursday April 26th, from 6 – 9pm.

Heart Gallery, The Arts Centre, 4a Market Street, Hebden Bridge  HX7 6AA

For queries, either contact the gallery
01422 845845
or me

The exhibition runs til July 1st

Everyone welcome!


5 thoughts on “Inspired by the Fells…

  1. LOVE your work and sorry my visits to the UK and France did not include the sites which have inspired you. I hope for opportunities to remedy that. Best wishes to you and your family, et al. I have ‘shared’ this link, and hope others will investigate further. G EDWARDS, San Diego, Ca.

  2. I love your work – congratulations on your obvious success.
    Bought one of your cards today – the one of my favourite place – Whitby.
    Did some sketching myself there years ago.
    I walk with the Ramblers regularly and visit so many of the places that you portray! (have friends in Hebden Bridge).
    I will be looking out for more of your work.
    I was an Art Teacher for 38 years – so I know when I see something good!
    Best wishes – Gordon Northing.

  3. Kate
    I absolutely love swimming in the sea but
    I have always hated art representations of the sea.
    Until I saw your ‘Crashing Waves.’
    All I can say is it’s exactly how the sea REALLY is and the sky above is perfect x

    Miriam, Northern Ireland

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