Craggs & Fells. It’s very soon!


It really is – only a week to go. Last night I had my first anxiety dream. Heart Gallery had put my work in the basement, 3 floors below, and the lights weren’t working. I’d forgotten to get changed. Someone gave me a baby to carry that was screaming and in need of a change. I had one a few years ago where, upon going to to the framers to collect my work, found that he’d mounted them all on black sugar-paper, like in GCSE Art…

Anyway – lighting, basement steps and screaming babies allowing, Craggs & Fells is a new exhibition of paintings inspired by running in the Calder Valley.

This one is called ‘Visiting Erica’.

Erica is a very noisy and territorial grouse on Shackleton Knoll. My friend Helen named her – Erica meaning ‘Heather’. It’s a particular running route with a steep climb to wonderful views. From the knoll you can see Pecket Well, Heptonstall and Stoodley Pike. That may even be Pendle Hill in the far, far distance. I’d like to think it was as a group of us once ran through the night from Pendle Hill to watch the sun rise at Stoodley Pike for my 40th birthday.

And this one is ‘Friday Morning’ – a regular Friday route when I skive from the studio if I’ve worked hard the night before.

This is along the Widdop road towards Slack. The two hares are my steadfast running companions Gloria (the white hare) and Gill (the purple one). We three ran our first Ultra on Saturday! 40 miles of the Calderdale Hike.

And here are ‘Mr Fox’, ‘Little Stoodley’ and ‘Lumb Bank’.

There are 12 paintings and 9 small tree studies.

The exhibition preview opens at 6pm on Thursday April 26th. Please come a long. It’s at the lovely Heart Gallery where there will be wine and lots of colour. Hopefully not a screaming baby, and hopefully I will have remembered to get dressed…


10 thoughts on “Craggs & Fells. It’s very soon!

  1. More of your beautiful work. When I come home later this year I’m hoping to come up to Hebden Bridge and see your work. It’s so amazing the feelings I get from these paintings. Thank you for always sharing them and showing us what you are working on.

  2. Kate, Your work is just glorious. What are the chances of you coming to Devon and Cornwall to paint our countryside and show it off in only the way you do?

  3. Although i understand your anxiety Kate, you really do need to believe in your talent….As we your public are. I’m sure Heart Gallery won’t fail you Kate, whenever I’ve visited they always seem more than able and dedicated to the Gallery, Artisans and customers alike. Besides, once our eyes fall upon your latest exquisite works, I’m confident minds will have more important thoughts, such as which piece (pieces) to adorn our homes.
    When i glance upon your Whitby Harbour, a warmth fills my heart and lift my spirits no end. Only one other print has ever filled my heart so, sadly i no longer own it, the accidental profit (long story) made could never replace my pleasure of viewing it daily.
    I am filled with anticipation and excitement of this latest collection, whether i attend your preview next week, or catch the exhibition later.
    Keep up the GREAT works Mrs Lycett, you will always have the solid support of THIS Tyke… xx

  4. Thank you!
    The exhibition is up til July 1st, but sold the originals may start to be replaced by prints after the first month. Please come and see them while they’re at Heart.
    Kate x

  5. I do Sylvia. Hand finished prints are £276 (mounted, 59 x 75cm). Heart Gallery have them, or email me and I can post. Kate

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