Just a little bit of painting…


At this time of year the studio is busy with orders from customers and galleries. Which is lovely! I love to be busy. But yesterday I skived…

My last exhibition in my home town of Hebden Bridge was in Spring of 2015, and my next one will open at Heart Gallery on April 26th 2018. It’s called ‘Craggs & Fells‘ and is all to be beautiful, local pieces…

In a busy house where everyone likes to talk at once, I sometimes run just to be still. Through the bogs and Bracken, in the sunshine and the snow, I’ll play out on the hills. Within a few minutes a hill will turn from black to gold, and then disappear altogether behind an on-coming squall.

This one is the view on the way to Stoodley Pike, over Swillington Farm. I was running with friends last spring and saw this beautiful break in the clouds on an otherwise foggy wet evening.

This is the other large piece I’ve completed; of the stepping stones down at Hardcastle Craggs. There’s gold leaf on those stepping stones so they glint in the light.

Yesterday I was finishing with this one, which is a view from near Hell Hole Rocks down to Mytholm Steeps. It’s very small. Sometime I play with creating textures on watercolour papers first and see what the marks want to do. It’s a lovely, free way to work.

And lastly (I work on quite a few pieces at once as the layers of wet ink take so long to dry), here’s work in progress on a painting of the mill pond behind Gibson Mill.]

Christmas production will resume this afternoon, but it was nice to have a break and get a bit painty.

8 thoughts on “Just a little bit of painting…

  1. these are stunning pictures and so evocative – we used to live in Darwen and I worked in Rossendale before we moved to France 16 years ago, and these remind me so much of the beautiful countryside.

  2. How exciting. I’ve just missed buying the pic I really wanted (long bolton abbey) and have been considering an alternative. Keen to see the next collection and to see some more of your exquisite works that capture to heart and soul of such precious places.
    Wonder which one will eventually fill the space on our well and take a place in our hearts.

  3. Hello Kate

    We came to see you almost 2 years ago after your Lost Houses Exhibition at Bankfield Museum. We bought 2 prints and my sister came with me and got some top tips!

    Do you have any Lost Houses books available?
    Is your studio open this weekend?
    Kind regards, Heather

  4. Absolutely stunning painting of Hardcastle Craggs, it is so beautiful. I have just bought The South Lake and it looks amazing, thank you. I just love your work Kate.

  5. Thank you Paula!
    Is it the one with the Stepping Stones that you like? It’s a very similar colour palette (my favourite palette! Usually what I’m wearing, all those shades of duck egg blue!). Maybe I’ll see you at the preview? If not, please come and see the painting while it’s at Heart. Kate x

  6. Hi Kate, yes it is the one with the stepping stones that I like, its beautiful I keep looking at it. I will be coming to see your new work at the Heart very soon. Paula x.

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