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I love notebooks. I’ve always loved them, and my girls have inherited my obsession. If we go to the wonderful bookshop at Saltaire, Hattie will circle the stand with the beautiful notebooks, picking each one up, and putting it down before spending several weeks pocket money on something tiny and exquisite that’s too precious to write in!

This weekend I went to Edinburgh to begin to learn how to make my own.

Rachel Hazell does the most amazing courses, taking people on adventures to Iona or Paris to create bookish works of art. My course was just about learning structures. I wanted to learn a skill that I could develop my own way. I spent 2 days sitting in a studio with 6 lovely girls all going giddy over paper, waxed linen thread and washi tape. I wish I’d taken more photos, but we were just so busy! We learned a long stitch, Secret Belgian (wonderful name!) and Case binding. I can take credit for only one of that lovely row of colourful books above; that’s the Secret Belgian binding. The Case Binding (far right) I promised to make for Hattie. If you’ve a chance, check out Rachel’s wonderful blog

It was so nice to be in Edinburgh on my own (sorry family). I got up before daylight on Saturday and ran up to Arthur’s Seat to watch the sun rise.

It was a good way to start the weekend. I’ve also been working on a little Edinburgh painting to turn into a lantern. I’ve been working from sketches I did at the festival a couple of summers ago, but I needed inspiration for the light and colour. Edinburgh is just beautiful…

Here’s progress so far…



3 thoughts on “Bookbinding in Edinburgh

  1. Hello Kate, you’re carousel horses are framed and on the wall here in Australia, soooo happy with them!, I look at yr page often, Edinburgh blog is so interesting, our family have a ‘thing’for notebooks too, we Never write in them!, have such lovely memories of our day in Hebden Bridge, such care taken to make one of yr admirers exceedingly happy, kind regards, Caroline.

  2. Hi Kate!

    I’ve been a fan of your work for such a long time now, and aspire to own one of your works someday! I have only just discovered your blog this morning – a snowy Easter Monday – and I have so enjoyed reading it. I can feel my long-suppressed creative urges starting to twitch already! Might have to get the pencils out later. Your work ‘speaks’ to me in a way that other artists’ don’t! Strangely enough I wandered past a book binding place in Halifax just last week and noticed they do courses, but agree that Edinburgh is an amazing location for creativity!

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