The Lost Houses at Cliffe Castle



I am very excited that Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley is showing my Lost Houses exhibition in the upstairs gallery. It opens on Saturday February 11th and will be up til April 23rd. I’m going to be in the museum all day on February 11th and April 1st.

My kids love Cliffe Castle. The building itself is almost a Lost House as there’s only half left of what was a fantastically elaborate Industrialist’s grand residence. It used to have stunning glass houses. Now it has a pretty good park. There’s also a wonderful natural history collection (stuffed animals!) and rocks and minerals. I enjoy the horror of random taxidermy case with inexplicable objects (really, I can’t explain. You’ll understand if you visit) and the Hen Pecked Club’s peace box!

IMG_0982In the exhibition there are14 paintings of 10 grand houses, with the supporting research and photographs for each one.

IMG_4527(This is the exhibition at Bankfield in January 2016). All the paintings in detail can be seen here.

display boards 4

The book that accompanies the exhibition will also be available in the museum shop, along with prints and cards.



3 thoughts on “The Lost Houses at Cliffe Castle

  1. We were at Cliffe Castle today to see you brilliant work …. loved it … such strong drawing … clear colours and depth of tone …and your use of Gold leaf and threads …. Super
    stuff … John and Susan.

  2. Hi. I have been to your exhibition of Lost Houses today and am so glad I didn’t miss it. Beautiful pictures, so colourful and lit to show them to advantage and the accompanying history so interesting. Looks as though it has been a great success.

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