The last Lost House


I finished this painting today. The house was called Harrowins and it stood in Queensbury for about 80 years. No one knows exactly where it stood, or exactly when it was demolished. Only that no one, not even the golf club wanted it in the end!



This is the last one of  14 large paintings for my Lost Houses of the South Pennines  exhibition. The installation begins at Bankfield Museum, Halifax, on Tuesday. It opens to the public on Saturday and runs until April 9th. Please come!

There’s also am opening party on the Friday (January 22nd). Please email me if you would like an invitation.



4 thoughts on “The last Lost House

  1. An amazing opening exhibition night at the Bankfield House – it was fabulous dressing up (we were in vintage 1930’s evening dress) and so many guests, jazz, champagne and so much bling! This did not distract from the absolutely amazing paintings and stories about the Houses. Truly truly wonderful! Thank you so much for allowing us to share this evening with you, and I look forward to the exhibition arriving in Keighley.

  2. If I lived closer I would of been interested in visiting . This would be amazing to see. Such a beatiful piece of art with sooooo much detail. Absolutely gorgeous and wish you well with your exhibition.

  3. I thought you couldn’t come Jeanette! Sorry not to see you (especially in all your finery) but glad you had a nice time. I rather underestimated on the Champagne didn’t I? Apparently there was nothing left by 8pm but milk and a few grapes! x

  4. Hi Kate

    A beautiful painting, as ever. Just to fill in some details; the house was located to the south of Queensbury, just next to Brighouse Road – oddly now marked on the map as ‘Al’s cathouse’ despite there being nothing but scrubland:,-1.8376625,129m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487be634c4aa8119:0xa407f5988dfc3a31!8m2!3d53.76988!4d-1.842575

    In terms of dates, the house and estate appear complete until 1956 but later maps which cover any time between 1957-69 show it as no longer there. I suspect it will take someone with good local knowledge to pin down a more exact date.

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