In Denial…


It’s still November, It’s still November, It’s still November…

I can’t be in denial after Tuesday though. We will be in December, which means Three Big Things!:

1) I have a children’s birthday party to organise (and though i try, I am rubbish at decorating cakes (though the thieving fingers would suggest that my icing isn’t bad!)).

birthday cakes

2) Christmas is near, and I will be closing the web shop over the holidays. I will be taking orders, while stocks last, up until December 17th.

7 laantern designs


SM lantern photo

3) It’s nearing the deadline for everything to be complete for my Lost Houses of the South Pennines exhibition at Bankfield Museum. This is the project that has been haunting my dreams for two years now. The exhibition opens to the public on January 23rd 2016, and I’ve been writing a blog all about my research. Here’s a stage by stage, work in progress on one of the houses. This is Oakworth House:

oakworth progress

The completed paintings are all here in the Lost Houses section of the portfolio. But please go over to the blog to find out about the houses themselves.



2 thoughts on “In Denial…

  1. Hi Kate, saw your Whitby lamp on a post on f/ b & just wanted to ask the price, were off to Spain tomorrow but will be back in 4 weeks, thankyou

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