Water & Light: The Preview


Well I have to confess that Thursday evening stills feels a bit surreal!  With my best dress on i walked down to Heart Gallery to find a steadily growing queue outside.         DSC_5707   We’d hung the exhibition the evening before, so i knew it all fitted in beautifully!

Once the doors were opened , everyone was welcomed with a little bit of bubbly…


I couldn’t get in to the picture room for the first hour! And by the time i did, almost everything was sold. It was wonderful, but i missed the chatting bit. I like the chatting bit!



And I don’t know where many of my paintings are off to (they’re staying in the gallery til the end of April before departing for their new homes)! I was proud of everything in the exhibition, but I did have three favourites, which will be hard to part with:

Lower Laithe Reservoir

lower laithe

The Allotments:


Printers Tray – Trees:

Trees Printers Tray

The printers tray especially I shall have to go and visit often before it goes (and I’ll have to find out where it goes).

Once the rush was over it was jolly, and warm and busy in the gallery.


This is Alison. The owner, and all round fabulous person.


And at 8 o’clock my lovely friend Cathy Woodall (she makes the most beautiful jewellery) brought in some emergency home baked cookies (she also makes the most amazing cookies!) to keep us all going to the end.


It was wonderful! Thank you to everyone that came along. Especially everyone at Heart Gallery


2 thoughts on “Water & Light: The Preview

  1. A lovely little blog post Kate (with great pics from your unofficial photographer Daniel) on what was an amazing evening all round … it does still feel a bit surreal!

    You can pop in anytime to see your favourites and it was great that Robin got a chance to check it all out today when it was a lot calmer and quieter.

    So looking forward to Lost Houses and I know you will be keen to get back to your studio to continue with those paintings now WATER & LIGHT has launched!

    Lots of love
    Alison x

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