This time next week


This time next week I will be wearing my best dress and proper grown up shoes (and trying hard to cover the scraped up knee from where I tripped over a rock running up Stoodley Pike yesterday!) and standing nervously in a room full of pictures. It’s a small room, and a years worth of work.

The theme of the exhibition is ‘Water & Light’, so I’m posting this one today. It’s a painting of Lumb Falls, drawn on a beautiful day last summer when there were lots of dippers, and other water birds i couldn’t name.

lumb falls

And another one of ‘Woodhouse Mill’. This is the still, reflective canal water. I like the contrast of the two:

Waterhouse Mill

Please come on the 26th, between 6 and 9pm! Heart Gallery will give you a warm welcome, and glass of wine. And you can see my pictures, and my bad knee!

‘Water & Light’ will run til June. Heart Gallery is open 7 days a week.

2 thoughts on “This time next week

  1. OOOOoooo … I love your paintings! I wish I could come to your exhibition (good luck btw) but I am 1000km away in South Africa! Pat xx

  2. Thank you Pat!It’s lovely o hear that you’re looking at my pictures from so far away. x

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