Now I’m counting down to my exhibition, ‘Water & Light’ at Heart Gallery in March! Tomorrow will be my first day back in the studio since Christmas. My desk is immaculate. Everything is laid out in anticipation. I have missed my studio time.

This is a really big piece, ready for the exhibition…


And I think this one may be my current favourite (It’s those chickens again):


There’s another large piece in it’s early stages, and that’s what I’m working on in the morning. A splash of colour on a grey January day is very warming!


7 thoughts on “2015…

  1. I just love all your work the more colourful the better and when I walked into the shop on Skircoat Green- gallery 339 I was really surprised to see your art on display-coincidentally I had just been to square chapel to book some tickets and the square chapel picture was the first thing I saw. I have just had an upstairs extension on my house and when finished one of your pictures will be on my wall.

  2. I am admiring your beautiful works of art from afar for now, but hope to visit one of your exhibitions at some time in the future. Your work is stunning.
    Rose Greenbank, Chester

  3. Thank you Rose! I have an exhibition coming up at the end of March. Would you like me to send an invitation to the preview? They’re not necessary to gain entry, but they are quite pretty! Kate

  4. I love your work Kate and have Little Box house on my stair case…I live in Luddenden!
    I would like to know the date of your exhibition in March please.
    Many thanks Maxine

  5. Hi Maxine. Thank you!! The preview is on March 26th from 6 til 9. The exhibition then runs til June. Come for the preview if you can. It will be nice! Kate xx

  6. Dear Kate
    I hope to visit the Heart Gallery next Wednesday, 29 July and wondered if there is a print of one of your Studeley Pike pictures on show in the gallery.
    Best wishes
    Barbara Chivers.

  7. Love the paintings and I am looking for some art of the local area for the walls. When and where is your exhibition



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