Water and Light and … Chickens!


I’ve been getting back into my painting rhythm these past few weeks, after the summer holidays. Helped along by some magical new noise cancelling headphones which help me concentrate, and drown out the squabbling and shrieking from the children (and occasionally my husband (and the people that keep calling me to offer me a new boiler)). I ONLY wear them on studio days, though i have been tempted during my youngest daughters tantrums. Any way…

I have been creating two new pieces, full of colour. This is a tranquil little spot between the tow path and the river: the orchard smallAnd then, because i so enjoyed painting the chickens, this is based on the allotments in Howarth:

AllotmentsThey have been such fun to work on. I think i need to step away from the chickens for a bit, or they’re going to get everywhere.

These are both for the exhibition ‘Water and Light’ at Heart Gallery. The exhibition previews March 26th 2015

One thought on “Water and Light and … Chickens!

  1. I understand from my father that he asked if u did fishing painting as he he would be very interested. Is this something you are considering at all.
    We love your work

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