Lost Houses of the South Pennines


This is a project that haunts my dreams at the moment. And I have started a separate Blog for it, to record the project as it unfolds. Please go and have a look, and contribute ideas if you can. In the meantime, here are two paintings I have completed. Both of New Cragg Hall which stood for a very short time in Cragg Vale, near Hebden Bridge, from 1904 to 1921.


The exhibition will be held in Halifax’s Bankfield Museum in October 2015.


2 thoughts on “Lost Houses of the South Pennines

  1. I noticed your photo of the gateway to Hogh Sunderland near Halifax. Are you aware that High Sunderland was almost certainly Emily Bronte’s model for the house Wuthering Heights. If you look at the first few pages of the novel, you will see that the description of the gateway and the main entrance facing south-east, fits exactly with building. Moreover, Emily is known to have visited the house when she was briefly employed as a teacher at Law Hill school in Southowram across the valley to the east. If you would like more info. let me know.

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