New Lantern Designs…


They’re not ready yet, but while my children were away at half term i had a lovely time developing these: This is the circus one.



The Fairground.


and The Carousel.


The designs need a bit of tweaking. Some of the cuts are too fine and fragile. But I hope to have them ready soon. I would really value any feedback if anyone can spare a moment!

8 thoughts on “New Lantern Designs…

  1. Love the lanterns!, especially the fairground, friend of mine will be in west yorks til sept, have asked her to visit you, we live in Australia, hope tweaking goes well, kind regards Caroline.

  2. Kate , Reading this weeks Yorkshire post magazine i noticed your
    tealight lanterns. I love circus related things also Funfairs,
    What a brilliant idea . When you have them in production please
    let me know and i will buy them. George.

  3. I would love to buy a tealight lantern for my daughter. We visited Whitby this year and loved the one with the ruins of the Abbey. How can I buy one from you? I live in Thame in Oxfordshire.

  4. Hi Kate
    Your work is magical I could look at it all day.
    Do you still have any circus or carousel lanterns for sale?

  5. These are beautiful, I saw them today on Facebook, they are a lovely variation on a Christmas Village

  6. Are the lanterns got sale yet as I would like two carousels – they’re lovely – I have your Whitby one. Love it ????

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