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Ahead of my forthcoming exhibition ‘Hidden Places, Open Spaces’ opening 5th October at the Chantry House Gallery in Ripley, I am offering the chance to win a limited edition, hand finished print of this painting of Whitby.

To enter this giveaway please help to spread the word, and share or comment over on my facebook page, or here on my blog. I shall choose a winner at random on 19th September.

Good Luck!


43 thoughts on “Win a Limited Edition Print!

  1. a friend from Dewsbury posted your picture on Facebook today – an amazing capture of Whitby, but it is the greens in your works which I like especially! As is the other colours are there to point to the underlying (dominant?) green motif 🙂

  2. I am really loving your work. And what makes it paint the places that my husband and I hold close to our hearts. Love it. Love it. Love it!

  3. I saw this on Facebook -love the colours, they are so intense, what sort of medium are you using? The Bolton abbey print just glows!


  5. I love all your work. Your paintings look so different depending on how the light catches them. Took three visits to Heart Gallery before making a final decision. Looking forward to seeing your new work at Chantry House Gallery.

  6. I love this as a lantern, as do visitors to my home.
    Can I suggest Robin Hoods Bay as a possible theme for future work.

  7. We have spent many happy family days out in Whitby. Your use of colour and shape draws me in and triggers lots of wonderful memories.

  8. I really love your work the colours are spectacular and really bring Whiby to life no matter how long you look you will always find something else especially in different light really amazing keep up the great work

  9. I have done some pieces on Robin Hoods Bay Helen F. They are ‘Red Tiles’, ‘The Steps’ and ‘The Common’. I did them after a freezing February holiday there (it snowed on the beach). I need to go back and paint the cliffs and the boats and the sea though. I’ll do it soon.

  10. Hanneke, I use all sorts of things in my paintings. I use inks, acrylics, gouache, egg tempera, gold leaf, gold threads, occasionally Inktense sticks (a new thing that I love). I am a bit of a colour junkie…

  11. Great work as usual, I love the way you capture the feel of the place as much by the sky as you do representing the iconic settings and buildings. Reminds me of the time I spent in Whitby last summer, when the sky was often like that.

  12. I have the 199 steps lantern and it gives such a warm glow as well as being dramatic & striking – lovely work – I would love to own a Whitby print. I regularly visit Whitby, the prints echo it’s unique feel

  13. I have never been to Whitby, but my weekend plans may have changed after seeing this!! Thanks for inspiring me. What a gorgeous piece of art.

  14. As ever, I’m very jealous. This blog and your FB page is full to the brim with gorgeous, jewel-like offerings.
    There should be a law against it. In fact I think there is! Which means you’re gonna have to give them up….to me. Sorry you’ll just have to face facts…*rubs hands together, Fagin-like*

  15. Beautiful colorful painting. All of the shares on Facebook have been successful b/c I am seeing this artwork through FB shares in Canada!

  16. Love this print, Im from East Yorkshire, but living Down south now. We will be up in Whitby next year for our holidays, cant wait to go on the steam trains and see all the beauty around the Whitby area 🙂

  17. This picture is glorious. If I don’t win your special print, I should like to buy one. Is this possible? Whitby is my safe Haven. Going next year! Go often in my mind. Saved me, it did.
    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  18. I love it,itis beautifull,I visit Whitby with my penfriend Marian,who I am writing with since 1947,we are friends forever and I see Withby back in your picture.Thank you..

  19. Kate

    I’ve liked you via facebook. Looks like the new collection will be right up there with your older works, can’t wait to decide which to buy!!

  20. Just love your paintings. My daughter in law introduced me to them after she’d seen them in the exhibition in HebdenBridge. The colours and the compositions made such an impact. Are there any Stoodley Pike prints anywhere?

  21. thanks for the reply Kate! I am a fabric colour junkie, and have also recently discovered inktense and love them, I have put you on my Christmas wish list, (must google egg tempura!)

  22. I would love to be the proud owner of this fabulous work of art. This print is exquisite. The colors are stunning and your talent is amazing.

  23. Visited Hebden Bridge with daughter and wife today. Visited the heart gallery and immediately bought a print. First time in 26 years marriage we both saw a picture we liked!

  24. Saw your work in the Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge , was stunned by the vibrant colours and bought 199 steps. Am now saving up for another purchase on my next visit up from the East Midlands

  25. Hi Kate,I would treasure your picture of Whitby,I live in Australia and Whitby holds a special place in my heart as the birthplace of James Cook,the great navigator,who discovered the east coast of Australia,I live not far from where he first sighted the mainland at Cape Everard,now Point Hicks.I love your unusual works,so luminous and beautiful.I am following your Lost Houses blog with great interest,how fascinating!Thanks for your lovely work!

  26. Gorgeous colours, beautiful shapes, meticulous painting – I’m saving up for a print! The lanterns I recently bought are fabulous; thank you SO much! xx

  27. Oh my, your pictures are glorious & make me homesick for my birthplace. I had forgotten the beauty of this part of England. Thank you.

  28. The beautiful bits don’t change much Angie. They will still be here if you ever make it back. x

  29. Kate, just discovered you today in The Courtyard Gallery near Settle and managed to buy one of your beautiful prints as a special birthday gift for a dear friend. I know he’ll love it, Whitby is a really special place for him.
    Your work looks amazing, surreal, almost dream like. I’ll be whizzing down to Hebden Bridge first chance I get….thankyou!

  30. Absolutely love this painting. Whitby was used by Bram Stoker as a setting for Dracula, one of my favourite books (so much so I’m just reading it again). Love all your paintings but this one just sings to me. X

  31. My son lived in Hebden Bridge until yesterday and took us to the gallery to see your work when we came to help him pack up his flat. He has admired your work for a while and I also loved it, both the subject matter (I particularly fell for the picture with the washing blowing in the wind) and the colours. I will be returning to the gallery as soon as I can to buy him a print for his new house in Leeds. We are clubbing together as a family to get him one for Christmas. Just wish I had found you before!

  32. Beautiful rich colors that take be back to days of innocence and happiness. Thank you.

  33. I just love the way your paintings bring joy, not only to the eye but also the soul. Seeing a scene that you may have viewed many many times brought to life with colour and texture is truly refreshing !!

  34. My mum is your biggest fan and I filling her home with your glorious paintings of her local area. The Whitby painting is on her wish list!

  35. i am a born and bred bolton lad, my greatest pleasure is coming up to grandma pollards at walsden then on up to hebden bridge, the on to the bronte village in howarth, where i discovered your breathtaking work i have been so lucky to be able to purchase 3 of your prints ,bolton abbey ,the valley garden, and just recently snickets and ginnels , every day i look at these beautiful works of art i see something different and it makes my day so much more pleasurable, thankyou kate, in my eyes your work is unparalleled

  36. Love the Whitby painting, we recently had a nice day there and this brings it all back. The colours are stunning and l could see this on my living room wall to brighten my day.

    PS. I also grew up in Suffolk, lpswich to be exact.

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