‘Hidden Places, Open Spaces’. A new exhibition of paintings


I have been working hard in recent months for a new solo exhibition called Hidden Places, Open Spaces which will open at The Chantry House Gallery, Ripley (North Yorkshire) on Saturday October 5th.

bolton Abbey

The pieces so far are of North Yorkshire landmarks like Bolton Abbey and Ripley Castle. It’s been a warm and colourful summer so the paintings are very lush and rich, and the themes that have presented themselves are reflections in still waters, and grand ruins.

ripley castle

4 thoughts on “‘Hidden Places, Open Spaces’. A new exhibition of paintings

  1. I LOVE the bold composition of the second one…. Ripley Castle? And You’re really nailing the reflections in water beautifully. This must be a happy time creatively for you and I’m sure the exhibitions will be a huge success!

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