February 11, 2013 Kate 1Comment

Just a quick post. I need to do some new prints for Steven at Harrison Lord Gallery, but I wanted to post this image of my newly finished painting of Stoodley Pike.

It’s a large landscape inspired by a boxing day walk with my family. Hattie loves Stoodley Pike – she thinks it’s a magical place. I painted it at her request.

This one is headed to Heart gallery at the end of March. But I’m quite enjoying it my studio in the meantime…

One thought on “Stoodley Pike!

  1. Hello Kate

    Just been to your exhibition at Bankfield. It is commendable. Bringing those sad buildings to life again truly is an inspiration. Well done for having that dream which I am sure will surely put you on the map for people who have not already purchased your work as I have.

    Our Church has a walking group which is 35 years old. A fortnight ago we had our 500th walk and we all went to Stoodley Pike which was our very first walk.
    I noticed the framed print at Bankfield.

    Please can you let me know where a print of it is stocked and the price.
    Very best wishes
    Margaret Ellis

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