Printers’ Trays…


I’ve been playing with old print trays recently. When I was little my Mum had lots of these trays in her antique shop in Suffolk and my sister and I were allowed one each in which to store our treasures. Mine was full of shells and pebbles and fossils. I’ve been playing around with this idea of treasure

I prepared papers with layers of inks and loose pigment, and I cut them to the size of the sections. Each one shows a study for trees, leaves and tile designs. Some are stitched, some are gilded. Some are just going to remain a plain colour.

I keep on playing around and rearranging them so that the colours balance. But eventually I am going to have to commit and stick them down!

I have a idea of doing one full of bird studies too. I’ll see how this one goes together first… This is going to to go into the Tall Trees and Warm Stone exhibition at Heart at the end of March.

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  1. Hi Kate
    I can’t find an email contact for you. I’d like to buy a print of ‘Little Stubb’ It’s fantastic. I left Hebden, with a heavy heart, nearly a year ago. This print reminds me of home and where I will reurn, one day. Can you let me know how best to contact you to buy this. Thanks

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