Gallery week…


I am so please that, after being closed for 4 whole months because of burst pipe disaster, The Calder Gallery is reopening this Saturday! They are having an all new exhibition opening to celebrate. They will be displaying this new painting of mine.

I have also had a meeting with Elaine and Andy from Art in the Mill, Knaresborough, this week. They left yesterday full of tea and cake and with a range of prints to display. We’ve agreed that I”m also going to take part in their “10” group show in August.  I shall post a link to the details when they appear on their website. It will be nice to have an excuse to go to Knaresborough more often. I’m quite excited!

And then today I waved farewell to 8 paintings, as Steven and Juliette from the Harrison Lord Gallery in Brighouse came to collect them for framing. Next time I’ll see them will be Sunday 9th May! They have 4 more to come, two of which are finished, two of which are still underway.

My songbird prints, which are also going to be displayed as part of the exhibition, have come one step closer to completion. The oil based inks take a week to dry, so these multi layer pieces are taking weeks and weeks! This what I have so far:

Once they’re dry I’m going to work into them with threads and a little gold leaf. They will be very opulent!

2 thoughts on “Gallery week…

  1. Absolutely stunning, Kate, Wow! I wish I lived closer. Have you ever seen illustrations by Elena Odriozola?

  2. Wow! That’s going to be hard to get anywhere near that standard! I’m doing GCSE work based on your artwork Kate.

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