Hebden Bridge Town Hall


Hattie and I ventured down to town this morning to have a look at the new plans for the town hall. I wanted to go and have a look inside because I’ve just finished this piece, which shows the building very clearly. Walking down the Keighley Rd there is an amazing view down the river and you can see three bridges stacked up on top of one another.


When I’d finished that I thought I’d go back to the cold colours of this one. I’m trying to keep the palette very limited.


And then – for something completely different, I’m having a go at some lino cuts. I don’t think I’ve done any since my Foundation year and I’d forgotten the lovely smell of warm lino and linseed oil inks. I’ve designed several cages and lots of birds and I’m going to play.


This was only a test print. I’m not allowing myself to do anything more elaborate until I’ve completed all the blocks .

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