Can you come along on Tuesday?


The gallery have all my new work hanging, but the shop is closed, and the blinds drawn until 6pm on Tuesday. They also have prints of all the new work, so my sewing machine will be silent for a few days. Please come along if you can! I will post all the new pieces once the exhibition is up and running…

4 thoughts on “Can you come along on Tuesday?

  1. Hope to be along tomorrow to see your new work.
    Up to now have only viewed your stuff at Harrison Lord in Brighouse and have a lovely piece over my fireplace!

  2. I was there queuing before the doors opened and changed my mind at the last minute which one to buy. However, my mind was made up by the lady who rushed in behind me and bought Valley Gardens. I hope she enjoys it because maybe I should have said to hell with it and bought 2!!!!

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