New Titles uncovered


I’ve been kindly assisted in my hunt for better titles. Down to Town in now Valley Gardens, Rooftops is now Five to Seven. Several of these new ones seemed to be named after trees. Not quite sure what that says. I’ve just finished another with very prominent red trees. Definately can’t call it Red Trees..

One thought on “New Titles uncovered

  1. Kate I started painting in my 70 th year I only dabble now but when I saw your paintings that got me going again I love all your work what facinated me you sewed on your machine over your work I have always been intereste d in that procedure but never tried it on my machine do you do outlnes and what thread do you use Im now recovering from my fourth Cancer operations and bored doing nothing so this perked me up so thankyou for showing us your work you are very talented Im now 85 still determined to do something with my life

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