Just 4 weeks left


There is just under a month to go before my exhibition opens at the Calder Gallery. I have completed 11 new pieces so far, and have a final 3 under way. I also have one more – of bluebells – which I hope to have time to do. Time will tell! I have just uploaded 2 new pieces. Bay Trees, like Siesta, is an out of character “not Yorkshire” painting. But in these past cold weeks it has been lovely to remember the warm Italian sun on my head as I sat drawing in the archways shown here. The other new one, Down to Town, is my current favourite as it seemed to paint itself. The fact that it is quite accurate to life, and that I pass the spot daily, meant I had a continued point of reference for the colours and the perspective – especially those distant hills. The title is not the final one, but I’m a bit stuck. I need suggestions! Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Just 4 weeks left

  1. Ooh.. I love the blossom on “Down to Town”. Fabulous… however I am rubbish with names…Tony and I were looking through your paintings the other evening, I think the evening one is amazing, Tony says “Blustery” is his favourite. Hope things aren’t too hectic! Good luck with the last 3 (or 4)

  2. Kate, will you please stop it! I’ve fallen in love with Down to Town and love Bay Trees even though it’s not local. I have vowed we are NOT going to buy any more paintings but I am getting weaker…… Please sell them all before the exhibition then we won’t be able to be tempted.

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