In need of some titles!


I’ve just uploaded 2 new paintings. The titles, Rooftops and Blustery, are only temporary as I’m a bit stuck, but wanted to post the pictures. Does anyone have any better suggestions? Anyway. I have today completed painting new piece number 6 for the June exhibition. Spring is in the air and world seems like a much more colourful and inspiring place!

2 thoughts on “In need of some titles!

  1. I like the title Blustery! Don’t think it needs changing 🙂 Really like that one. Look forward to seeing the next ones.

  2. Fab pictures! We think rooftops could be called “5 to 7”

    Rodger thinks Blustery is harder to christen, herewith his brainstorm: Window on the moor; More moor; Moor wind; Moor bluster; The wide beyond (Jacqui upping the ante in dismay at my feeble attempts); erm…. failing that how about What Katie did next? (sorry!).

    See you in June (saving pennies already!) xx

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