December 6, 2017 Kate 0Comment

At this time of year the studio is busy with orders from customers and galleries. Which is lovely! I love to be busy. But yesterday I skived…

My last exhibition in my home town of Hebden Bridge was in Spring of 2015, and my next one will open at Heart Gallery on April 26th 2018. It’s called ‘Craggs & Fells‘ and is all to be beautiful, local pieces…

In a busy house where everyone likes to talk at once, I sometimes run just to be still. Through the bogs and Bracken, in the sunshine and the snow, I’ll play out on the hills. Within a few minutes a hill will turn from black to gold, and then disappear altogether behind an on-coming squall.

This one is the view on the way to Stoodley Pike, over Swillington Farm. I was running with friends last spring and saw this beautiful break in the clouds on an otherwise foggy wet evening.

This is the other large piece I’ve completed; of the stepping stones down at Hardcastle Craggs. There’s gold leaf on those stepping stones so they glint in the light.

Yesterday I was finishing with this one, which is a view from near Hell Hole Rocks down to Mytholm Steeps. It’s very small. Sometime I play with creating textures on watercolour papers first and see what the marks want to do. It’s a lovely, free way to work.

And lastly (I work on quite a few pieces at once as the layers of wet ink take so long to dry), here’s work in progress on a painting of the mill pond behind Gibson Mill.]

Christmas production will resume this afternoon, but it was nice to have a break and get a bit painty.

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